I have no clue why I’m having this early mid-life crisis, and for that fact I don’t actually know why so many people of my generation have these anxiety issues, but we’re only… Continue reading

Pre-Shot: Comic Book Men S2

Tonight is AMC’s ratings haven with the premier of not just one show, but two! Yes, that’s right! The Walking Dead may be headlining tonight, but Comic Book Men has no problem with… Continue reading

Pre-Shot: The Walking Dead S3

It’s time to bring back AMC’s zombiepalooza show The Walking Dead, and well I guess they were thinking the same thing. Season 3 premiers tonight on AMC at 9pm/8pmc. Honestly, I haven’t been… Continue reading

Shapshot: Max Payne 3

Wow.. Just Wow! Rockstar games, the creators of open world games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, obtained the IP address and rights to Max Payne and released the third game… Continue reading

Pre-Shot: The Walking Dead Episode 4

The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner releases tomorrow. If you haven’t heard about the game yet, Telltale games (known for their episodal releases of games such  as Jurassic Park and Back… Continue reading

Green Tea Shots

My birthday was in July, and it was the big 21! So naturally I went down to shore and went out drinking exploring the different bars I had seen some many times growing… Continue reading

Snapshot: Bury Me In Vegas

I recently got my hands on Eskimo Callboy’s newest album Bury Me in Vegas and I must admit that it’s one of the best full length albums I have heard this year. Most… Continue reading

Asbury Convention: Prelude

All you Jersey comic fans will be happy to hear that the Asbury Park Comic Convention is coming up this month on Saturday, September 29th. It’s going to be held in quite a… Continue reading

Walking Dead Fans!

I’m probably actually very late with this, but The Walking Dead have hit their 100th edition! Yeah that’s right 100 different issues have been created in The Walking Dead universe. Well that’s awesome… Continue reading

Some Awesome Ads, In Some Old Comics

While waiting in line to meet Kevin Smith last month I managed to get my hands on some old comics. One of which being a batman comic from the ’80s, and the other… Continue reading