I have no clue why I’m having this early mid-life crisis, and for that fact I don’t actually know why so many people of my generation have these anxiety issues, but we’re only in our early 20’s. It’s actually a fact that the amount of anxiety amongst younger adults is more of a common occurrence then it has been in past. I wonder why that is…

There is this push for everyone to go to secondary schooling and get a better job, but that isn’t anything new. Actually alongside this increased anxiety in the current generation is the parental pushing for their children to do what makes them happy rather then just go to school and get a good job and do the whole white picket fence plan. Yet, for some reason this also increases an almost debilitating mental condition. 

Nonetheless, I just want to be important. This isn’t some cry for help or some cry for people to pity me. I have friends and family that I socialize with, most of which are relatively great people. I have a girlfriend of three years and I’m relatively positive that I’m important to her. I don’t even mean importance like Rich & Famous people want to meet me, but rather I just want to ability to meet people and people to want to meet me. I want and desire some form of importance in something. The only thing is I don’t know what I want to do, or what I’m supposed to do to find out. I don’t have a calling, or any one thing I’m particularly good at.

I just have this feeling of loss, anxiety, and emptiness. I know no one can help me, but I just needed to get these words out to feel some form of closure and relaxation.